Weezer Remix Contest – “Love Is The Answer” – Indaba Music

Weezer Remix Contest – “Love Is The Answer” – Indaba Music

Our newest program over at Indaba Music! This is going to be an amazing one. Here’s the intro from the contest:

Weezer has provided you with the stems for “Love Is The Answer”, a track off of their latest album, Raditude. Before the song was finished, the band reworked the song with their friends Anada and Amrita Sen. Weezer liked the resulting version so much that they put it on Raditude. Now, Weezer is asking you to re-imagine the track in your own style to continue spreading the message of song. They would love to hear as many different sounding versions as possible. Be it Ska, Reggae, Hip-Hop, Dance, Trance, Death Metal or Scream-O. Hopefully by the end of this contest there will be inspiring interpretations of the song in different languages from different countries with different styles but all relaying the meaning of the song…”Love Is The Answer”.

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